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the wonder projectthe wonder project
the wonder project for key stage 2

KS2: Begin to wonder

6 engaging cross-curricular lessons that encourage KS2 pupils to wonder at the world they live in and ask questions about how and why it exists.

  • Prepare lessons rapidly
  • Teach complex issues with confidence
  • Lead exiting lessons
  • Enjoy simple access to a wide variety of resources

Download free sample (PDF)

the wonder project for key stage 3

KS3: Examine 4 worldviews

Lead KS3 pupils through Christian, Hindu, Humanist and Islamic explanations of our Origins.

  • Help pupils form their own opinions
  • Tackle the creation / evolution debate
  • Explore Darwin’s life and changing views
  • Many options for leading 6 RE lessons, as well as supporting lessons in Art, English, Music and Science.

Download free sample (PDF)

Helping pupils consider the issues around creation and evolution is a complex task. Different people hold  different views – some based on religious teaching, others on scientific discoveries, and still others combine the two.

These two discs help teachers lead great lessons, even though they may not feel that this is their area of expertise. The teacher notes and lesson guides allow rapid preparation, and the whiteboard games enable pupils to engage and enjoy.